CFP certification program

Your Gateway to a successful career in Financial Planning is right here at Ansal University
Financial Planning is one of the fastest-growing professions across the world, with ever growing career opportunities with Banks, Financial Planning firms, Wealth Management companies, Life & Non-Life Insurance companies, Accounting firms and Stock broking firms. Financial Planners offer expert opinions on issues related to retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, investment planning, insurance planning, financial management of small businesses and trusts, stock broking, debt and risk analysis. Needless to say a career as a Financial Planner can prove both challenging and rewarding.
The Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) is the pioneer international agency which introduced CFPCM certification program. This is the highest level of Certification in Financial planning worldwide. The program is gaining momentum in India as well, thanks to the emerging socio-economic conditions, making it imperative for end customers to seek sound professional financial advice from competent professionals.  The Financial Planning Standards Board, India is the authority which offers the CFPCM certification program through a network of affiliated educational providers. The program in India has the backing of over 50 top Banks & other financial institutions in India.
Ansal University has recently been affiliated with FPSB India for providing courses to the students interested in pursuing a career in financial planning through CFPCM certification.
Several factors distinguish Ansal University from other education providers for CFPCM certification. These include the following:
  • Ansal University with a rich legacy of academic excellence has a highly qualified faculty resource pool in various disciplines including Finance and Financial Planning. All the Finance and Financial Planning faculty come from the School of Management Studies, which offers a basket of programs in Management ranging from Bachelor level to Doctoral.
  • Ansal University is the only Institution in Gurgaon region to offer CFP certification. In fact, it is the only university to be affiliated to FPSB India as an education provider
  • Ansal University provides to the students a flexibility of completing the program at a self-directed pace, in six months or more.
  • Both Weekend Class and Self-Study Distance Learning options are available.
The career opportunities for students registered with Ansal University are emerging fast. The charter members of FPSB India are committed to giving preferences to CFPCM certification pass-outs in their recruitments. Opportunities are aplenty with Asset Management Companies, Banks, Life / Non Life Insurance Companies, Non-Banking Finance Companies, Broking Firms, Distribution Houses, Equity Research Firms and Financial Planning Firms, among others.
If you wish to pursue a career in Financial Planning, Ansal University provides you the gateway through the CFPCM certification program.