Radhika Mehra a bright feather in the Ansal University’s cap

A genius speaks not only with words but great talent can manifest in so many other ways. Radhika Mehra, Bachelor of Design student at the University’s Sushant School of Design has been awarded a full scholarship to Rochester University, New York. Just proves that innovation among young people have in India is deep-rooted like its history, culture and civilization.  The University of Rochester is one of the top-tier research universities in the USA with a world renowned Design program. What makes Radhika much better that all the other students who have got through this program is the fact that Radhika is profoundly hearing impaired but a visual genius who comes up with great design ideas.

Radhika was born with hearing loss. She is the only student in her batch of 27 at the Sushant School of Design with special needs. Radhika’s works was also displayed at an exhibition Dovetail, India UK Creative Collection organized by the Sushant School of Design to showcase the works of young Indian artists who are popular worldwide. The exhibition was held at the Hidden Gallery, Lado Sarai, New Delhi recently and widely attended by many people from the fraternity.

Mid Day Holocaust

Month of July is generally associated with nurture by nature; mother earth securely hides in her bosom, the seeds of all possible botanical names which sprout with the onset of month.  So, as kinder garden receive the fresh giggles of those who will be beholding the future of Nation, ironically the June and July witnessed two holocausts. First, the devastation of Himalayan proportion in Uttaranchal where thousands disappeared who had the quest to scale the heights of Himalayas in search of salvation and; the second by human greed where a meal engulfed innocents in disguise of nurturing them.

Now in the case of later devastation those who were responsible for treachery have everything in their treasury but they choose to feed the future with snakes, lizards, frogs, garbage and filth and eventual death. The callous incursion of greed premeditated every sin which is worth the profit. Those who were responsible were ostentatiously airborne to sympathies but the children succumbed one by one in terrible trauma, however were not taken to medical care.  In those sniffing moments when senses were fading and giving up to poison, innocent children saw the eagles hovering above to have a feast. Their parents looked to sky and treacherous roads with hallow eyes for life support from the very system which has precipitated this. Every scream fell on deaf ears.  The life was being transported to heaven and bodies to Hospitals. Helpless parents were praying inconsolably to redeem them from this mid day holocaust which consumed their hope. It was the darkest noon ever as one by one the bundles of photons were being extinguished by the cruel hands. The poisonous intent served the recipe of death to make some petty gains. The martyrs from these very dwellings would have protected our motherland but were slain in cold blood not by enemy but by disgraceful regimen.  Some like them stand sentry to the political masters who plan this nefarious act in the very precinct.  The system plans to eliminate its own protector, the greed has taken over all senses of human. They crushed the tender bones under their ugly feet,  the sprouting of nature was buried before  it could take a tender shape. The giggles were silenced. Many unfortunate nations in South Africa treat their children better, nourish them where they are deprived of everything but in the land of plenty after 60 years we have only unsolicited and shadowy consolations and all promises broken.

The silence round the school was deafening, the teary and torrid eyes of parents felt defeated. The blood thirsty rulers were engaged in scoring points; the scene was shuttering, shocking yet storm of political brinkmanship continued. The hope was buried in the same premises which promised to make it reality.

My heart pains and my vacation vanished analyzing and asking some unanswered questions continue to puzzle:
  • Can we call ourselves a native of the land of Buddha and Mahavir?
  • Can we call ourselves a pedigree of a culture which reverberate every life form; insects to trees to animals?
  • The departed loving martyrs are asking question, every scream and every silencing breath want an answer. What was their fault?  Was it that they were born poor?
  • Will there be an end to this hypocrisy?
  • Will we rise, resist and prevail ?

Pratika Mishra
Assisstant Professor
School of Management Studies
Ansal University

Managing Change

Convergence of speed, intangibles, connectivity and many more new forces have changed the dimensions of business behavior. Business organizations are being challenged to their core. If you think that business can be sustained by the old rules of mass production, segmented pricing, and stable organizations, you'll need to think again. Business has entered into a new world, where the rate of change is very fast.

It is in this context that a new perspective on the future of management has to be developed.

It goes without saying that the organizations that will win tomorrow will not look anything like the successful organizations of today. Indeed, urgency and change are now the norm. Innovation is a way of life. Lifelong learning, the capacities and abilities to embrace change, to work with people, to communicate and understand, to create and to walk the talk are the tools that can guarantee sustainability and true prosperity in this new world.

Hence it can be said that the organizations that will be sustainable, survive and thrive will become inverted pyramids, with senior leadership and management at the bottom. The mantra of survival can be said as “Change or die”.

Are our organizations, institutions and leaders are capable of sustaining an economy where innovation and change are the norms? Well, the answer of this question says, that in the twenty-first century a new type of organization is needed.

The new organizations resemble a chameleon, continually adapting to its environment. It is characterized by honesty and integrity, openness, greater flexibility, commitment to the individual, superior use of teams, strong core competencies and a taste for diversity. It starts with Senior Leaders understanding the need for change and having the clout bring it about.

Therefore the following ideas need to be incorporated in business organizations for an effective and successful step-by-step process to build an environment for change.  

Step One -- Build Trust
Before any action takes place the leadership must build trust between employee and management. How do you prove you’re trustworthy? It is quite simple. You model it. You behave it. You live it. Hide nothing. Employees must be free to question, analyze and investigate. Management must give up control to cope with an environment that is pulling the rug out from underneath and, be flexible enough to listen to the front line. 

Step Two: Communicate a Sense of Urgency
Establish a sense of urgency with employees. Give a group enough power to lead the change: a modern day version of the Round Table, equals that will include employees of all levels of the organization. There need not be agreement on all things at all times, but an alignment on the need for change that will support innovation should be the goal.

Step Three: Build the Vision
Capture the hearts of employees. Ask them what kind of company they want to work for. How do they want to achieve balance? People want a stake in success. They are closer to the action than Management is. They see street reality. When Management acts on their input, they feel they get that stake. So, work with employees on an emotional level.

Step Four: The Hybrid Organization
Once-great organizations like Digital Equipment Corporation and GM’s Oldsmobile are dead. Others including GM, Ford, Boeing, Xerox, Kodak are on life support. The new innovative chameleons- the hybrid organizations, Semco, Gore Inc, Proctor and Gamble, Ben and Jerry, Herman Miller are thriving. They focus on the customer, employees, quality and service and are responsive to environmental demands as well as the bottom line. So here, innovation and integration of ideas is the key.

Step Five: Business Change is not a leap but a series of short term wins.
Set up the innovation or change project as a series of milestones. Measure the results at each milestone and not miss the celebration of success. It may involve changes in product, process and services, that can take anywhere from six months to five years depending on the complexity of the project. Pick the low hanging fruit first. Short term performance improvements help transformations in a number of ways.

In a world where job security is an oxymoron, employees are searching for purpose, for opportunities where they can truly feel that what they do matter. Employees want input, a stake in the business's success. They want greater independence, autonomy and freedom from the bureaucracy. Are you giving it to them or do they need to find it elsewhere?

So, at the end, it could be said that if the traditional organizations with their command and control are not working under the new rules of business, we should be ready to change the rules of business for creating a new world of dreams and opportunities.

- Dr.C.S.Nagpal

Collaboration takes Ansal University to an International level in Education

Ansal University’s has entered into collaboration with Pearson International. This will enable the university to offer a new model for preparing professionals with global exposure, excellent educational opportunities and provide students with an opportunity to acquire a world class education while gaining unprecedented global experience.

Pearson International is the world’s leading education company for accrediting and awarding diplomas/degrees to students enrolled across the world under the Edexcel vertical. Edexcel, a Pearson company, is the UK's largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed today by Dr. CS Nagpal, Vice Chancellor, Ansal University, and Smita Chaudhary, Head Vocational-India Subcontinent, Pearson Qualifications International, Ansal University will allow progressing to Edexcel students from different countries in the IInd or IIIrd year of its academic programs and award diploma/degree after mapping the learning and transfer of credits.