Career Opportunities after Law Degree

‘You make like them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. The good needs them. The bad needs them. Everyone needs them,’ such is the stature and prominence of a Lawyer in our nation. If you are graduating from one of the most prominent law colleges in Delhi NCR region, or from the top LLB colleges in India, without any hesitancy, you could well mark your name in the history books.

Best law colleges in Delhi
Best law colleges in Delhi
In the modern world, the role of a lawyer became more protuberant than ever. The orthodox view of a Lawyer has moved from the four-walled courtroom to a boundary-free realm. Be it the Government’s spokesperson or a political party’s representative, lawyers are always seen on TV. With tons of opportunities and availability of diverse careers, Law Education is something that is filling in the larger portion of the vision of today’s youth. 

A student finishing his / her Law Education has a wide variety of career options to choose from. For instance, one can find career, working as a legal practitioner, working in Judiciary, Government and Politics, Teaching, Legal Outsourcing, Private Law Firms, Litigation, MNCs (Legal Officer), Professional Counselling, Development Agencies, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Banking, and Finance, Entrepreneur, Public Interest Advocacy which are known to be the most common careers that are available for students who finish their Law Education.

In the recent times, students graduating from the best law colleges in Delhi and top LLB colleges in India are being offered attractive packages especially in countries like the UK. Apart from the above-mentioned career outlines, other careers such as freelance journalism and visiting professors are also in the limelight. Though it is not easy to right away start the practice as a lawyer, working for a Private Firm would definitely instill confidence, and can transform an individual into a successful practitioner with the sky being the only limit. 

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