Choosing the Most Suitable Law Education for Your Career

Law plays an important role in shaping a country’s future. The long-standing legal system of the country has been integrating the people of the nation irrespective of the Creed, Caste, Race and Color. The relationship between the governing body (Parliament / Senate / Communism) and courts provide a dynamic professional environment in which everyone can work within. With its inbuilt readiness and ability to suit the ever-changing society, Law impresses everyone in the society. 

Law colleges in Delhi NCR
Law colleges in Delhi NCR
Choosing the most suitable law education is a daunting task. Weighing one’s options, experimenting with the course selection and then finally zeroing a law-related course reliant on the interest and passion. Realizing the fact that, there are various Law specializations / Fields of Law Education such as Civil Rights, Corporate & Security Law, Criminal Law, Education Law, Environmental & Natural Resources Law, Family & Juvenile Law, Intellectual Property law (not yet fully developed in the IPC), and others offer a wide range of choices and options for a student. For example, someone who is interested in Political Sciences might well choose ‘Constitutional Law’, while someone who is more concerned about Health or Environment can choose ‘Health Care Law’ and ‘Environmental Law’ respectively. Similarly, someone who is into business can opt ‘Business Law’. There are dozens of specializations from which one can choose from before starting their practice.

One has to comprehend the fact that many students starting their Law Education may or may not be well aware of the various types of specializations and extensions in the field of the subject. If a student is well aware of the specialization he / she wants to choose and takes classes for that particular specialization, there are more chances of him/her getting an internship with a private firm within the second year. Similarly, choosing an elite and esteem Law College is also very crucial for a law student. Getting into one of the best law colleges in India may not be an easy task, but definitely, Law Colleges in Delhi and Law Colleges in Gurgaon match with the much celebrate law institutions.

Selecting a law specialization should also depend on the ‘Demand & Supply’ nature of the individual’s field of interest in respect to the current situation in the society. If one makes a smart choice for his interest while choosing his / her specialization, there are a good number of chances to find an employment in a Legal Firm during the 2nd year of the law course.

In India, the duration of the Law Course can be classified into two types; 5-year course and 3-year course. Students who complete the 3-year course are awarded a BA or BSc Degree, while those who complete the 5-year course are awarded an LLB Degree. Except for the NLSU Bangalore that follows Trimester system, Law Colleges in Delhi, Law Colleges in Gurgaon and other Law Colleges across India follow Semester system. In the last two semesters, students are allowed to choose some elective subjects. It is not astonishing to know that, among the top 10 Best Law Colleges in India 2 Law Colleges in Delhi have been chosen by India Today. 

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