Reasons For an MBA to Go to the Internet Industry - Are There Any?

MBA Course itself carries a lot of weight in one’s academic profile. And for many professionals, completing MBA is a dream come true.  The IIM’s are truly the top Business Schools in India along with some of the exceptional MBA institutes in Gurgaon, like Ansal University in Gurgaon. But one needs to realize the current prominence of an ‘MBA’ (a Full-Time MBA Graduate) in the Internet Industry.

MBA colleges in Delhi
MBA colleges in Delhi
MBAs have been playing a major role in shaping the industries such as Finance, Business, Marketing, Consulting and other related sectors. These industries have been hiring MBAs from the past century and will continue to do so. Talking strictly about the Internet Industry from the perspective of an MBA Professional, the industry is too young.  It is easily understood that companies like Google and Microsoft were driven by programmers or mathematicians in their early days. They do consider that MBAs play a formidable role in shaping a company, but are often considered secondary. 

Non-Existent of MBA Culture 
There doesn’t exist any ‘MBA Culture’ in the firms like Google, Yahoo or EBay. These companies don’t post any job posting (publicly) that are aimed at recruiting an MBA graduate. In these companies and many similar start-ups, Business People are usually treated as secondary. Even if recruited, the MBAs are hardly any part of the strategic and development sessions. These are highly confined to the loyal programmers and coders who have been a part of the company since its beginning times.

How does ‘MBA’ value in the Internet Industry
MBA graduates from the business schools in India end up working for Finance, Marketing, Consultancy, and other related industries. They are valued for their services accordingly in In the Internet Industry, these MBAs hardly find a berth for themselves. They are often paid less and valued less. In the Internet Industry that is still young and growing, the MBA graduates are often perceived less resulting in a lower pay and play a minimal value in the company’s growth.
No ‘MBA’ hiring recruiters

Practically speaking, there are no recruiters from these top tech Internet Industry firms that actually hire an MBA graduate. These companies don’t have a distinctive and definite line that exemplifies the characteristic of an MBA graduate in shaping a company’s future.

The US and the Rest of the World
No wonder that the Internet Industry is cultivated, grown, and being developed in the US. Talking more specifically, the Internet Industry is primarily located in and around the Palo Alto/Silicon Valley region in the US. This clearly leaves a void for the aspiring MBA graduates from different parts of the world, aiming to get into the Internet Industry. And moreover, even the slightest of the chances of being recruited are diminished by the recruiting agencies that primarily focus on selecting US-based MBA graduates.

The current scenario in the Interne Industry clearly proves costly for any MBA graduate trying to make a career of it.  With the acceptance of more and more MBAs into Internet Industry in recent times, one needs to wait for a couple of years to see how the Internet Industry completely transforms. 

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