Three Vital Reasons for Selecting Engineering Degree

Choosing between Engineering and Medicine after finishing 12th grade is the toughest choice for any student. Numerous educational institutions offer Engineering and Medicine degree all throughout the country. As per the current ongoing global trend, an individual is expected to attain financial independence down by landing in a dependable career at the earliest.

Engineering college in Delhi
Engineering college in Delhi
The ever increasing demand for IT professionals, engineers in various fields meant that Engineering is always a preferable choice. MBBS (Medicine) has always been heavy both in terms of finance, and the graduation time. On the other hand, while opting for an Engineering Degree, one has to graduate from top engineering colleges in Haryana and other parts of India so as to reassure a healthy and fruitful future. While it costs around INR 25 Lakhs to graduate from a top Medicine school, it costs less INR 5 Lakhs to graduate from the best engineering college in Haryana or from a good Delhi engineering college.

A wide range of options and prospects are available for an engineering graduate to shape his/her career right after the graduation (within 4 years). On the other hand, to being with the practice as a doctor, one has to complete the 5-year MBBS course, following a 6-month service and fulfilling other prerequisites mentioned by the government. There are a vast number of engineering colleges spread all across the country, in contrast to the very limited number of Medical Colleges in India.

With the individual facing pressure of settling down in life from parents, family, and friends, going ahead with an engineering degree seems appropriate. One can complete the Degree within 4 years (Bachelor Degree in Engineering), need not undergo any Financial Crunch (in comparison to MBBS) and can settle in life at the earliest. Graduating from a reputed Delhi Engineering college or from any top engineering colleges in Haryana means that, one need not worry about his/her future.

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