Note to a friend
From Mike Knowles,
Professor & Dean, Sushant School of Design


  1. The change from fossil fuel energy to sustainable sources is a no brainer and is the key to everything.   If we don't do thus we are dead. The evolution will be driven, I believe, by individuals and small companies like ours chipping away at the old bastions, the dark satanic mills, until they crumble. The ant and the rubber tree plant.
  2. The way we manufacture must change dramatically - starting to happen already - and although hi tech is fine, it needs to be low energy. A 3rd industrial revolution which will in fact take us back in societal terms to pre a Spinning Jenny appearance. Ref Jeremy Rifkin.
  3. That means we need urgent changes in mind sets. Crafts based / people based must be elevated to wow and the current view down graded to woe. EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION and specially DESIGN EDUCATION. The only way we will get this to happen. Ref Crafts Commission. Restarting Britain. Design Education and Growth.
  4. Possibilities are huge. Electric cars powering homes etc, green farming, big retailers supporting best practice thru to small crafts shops encouraging local crafts.  Going all the way up to hi tech clusters using 3d printing to manufacture. For this to happen well there is an urgent need here for vocational education and training. As RSA we tried to help City and Guilds establish here but sadly the firangi's didn't get it
  5. At the Asola studio we are setting up workshops that are neither impersonal  high tech energy guzzlers, nor, importantly, the traditional workshops we see all around India that are not efficient or safe. In the UK a lot of really super workshops have come up that produce short runs of furniture - up to 20 pieces a day,  as well as bespoke items. We are twinning with one of these guys to do the same here