Engineering in India

By Dr Alok K Kushwaha,
Professor & Associate Dean, School of Engineering & Technology


Each year thousands of young students in India pass out as Engineering graduates from a plethora of colleges and universities across the country. What sets them apart? Are they all equipped adequately to face the perils and challenges of the real world? The answer lies in the education and training imparted to them through the course of 4 years in college. For long, colleges in India, including renowned brands have been held in the docks for their inability to produce quality human capital. Emphasis on rote learning, inadequate real industrial application of theoretical concepts, insufficient focus on research, lack of creativity and failure to equip students with adequate soft skills are some of the concerns raised by academicians and industry at large. The colleges which are specifically and methodically addressing the above issues are getting noticed and yielding results in the form of greater quality and overall development of students emerging from under their wings.

The School of Engineering and Technology, Ansal University is committed to develop the 21st century technical workforce by offering a well-balanced education in a supportive environment. Engineering education today has transformed from an emphasis on imparting theoretical concepts to a more well-rounded approach combining the same with practical application of theoretical concepts. The focus of the School is to educate and train the young Engineering fledglings and transform them into skilled individuals who are more responsive to the requirements of modern industry.

Our programs are designed in such a manner that the students can obtain employment in scientific and professional organizations, at the same time they can also choose to become entrepreneurs. By offering a hands-on learning experience through practicals, industrial orientations, application of latest technological tools and softwares we are constantly endeavouring to provide an industry ready workforce. We have placed special emphasis on making our laboratories adequately equipped to simulate theoretical concepts and encourage young minds to establish their link with real life applications. Today’s technology in all spheres has taken rapid strides towards automation and smart applications. It is important to place renewed focus on these aspects rather than dwelling on technologies of the past. In our curriculum design, we have placed great thought and research to place emphasis on modern world technologies while keeping the knowledge of basic fundamentals intact. The curriculum in totality rivals the best available today in World class institutions. The professional and research experience of our engineering faculty is very rich with great academic and research laurels. Another unique offering from the School is in the form of Trans-Disciplinary Learning (TDL) which focuses on project based learning with value adding deliverables. The journey of this learning experience from choice of subject to successful completion stretches the realm of traditional learning. These projects involve joint well-rounded research threading together concepts, theories and approaches from more than one discipline. Such learning experience better prepare students to face real world situations and approach them with an all encompassing approach along with respect for other disciplines and ways of thinking.

It is a well established fact that once students step in to the real corporate and industrial environs, the soft skills of networking, effective written and oral communication, and professional demeanour are just as important as technical and theoretical skills. We at Ansal university, take full cognizance of the above and hence make a conscious endeavour to Equip our students with these skills and adequately practice them through well structured credit courses with world class faculty and experts in the area.

Analytical and independent thinking are key ingredients to a student’s success along with ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. We want our students to develop the required skills to respond to fast changing environment and face challenges that will help them lead happy and productive lives. We also motivate our students to think beyond their own personal success and to consider how they can enrich the lives of others. The School of Engineering and Technology is committed to providing professional well rounded education and training experience to enable students to match their pace with rapidly changing world and also provide that extra encouragement to embrace technology and enjoy using it creatively.