Science in our lives

By Shikha Gupta,
Professor & Assistant Dean, School of Computer Applications


Science is the best boon that God has bestowed upon mankind. Science with reasoning becomes the capital of society. . . The convergence of science and technology with spirituality is touted to be the future for both science and technology, and spirituality
-A P J Abdul Kalam

Science and technology have been impacting our society in a major way. This ever growing impact is drastically changing the way we work, the way we live, the span and quality of our life, our beliefs. It has made our lives easier. The scientific development in our communication and transportation have reduced the entire world to a global village by transporting information from any where in the world to us with a single click hence reducing the demographic and cultural differences and creating awareness . The biggest boon of this technological advancement is in the filed of medical science which has lead to technological advancements as vital as an artificial heart for the survival of human life. Advancements in crime detection techniques like fingerprint detection maintaining the globally accessible database of crimes and criminals etc. has helped tremendously in proper and timely detection of crime.

One cannot forget the impact of science and technology on the entertainment industry be it Surfing the web, playing computer games, downloading music and movies, shopping online using latest mobile phone, connecting to society through social networking sites.

As very well said by Dr Kalam, science is the life line of society whether the society recognizes it or not. It is a faith whose gospel was written 2 millennia ago by scientists like Galileo, Einstein, Newton , Copernicus and others with significant developments and discoveries in each era. Each new discovery from classical mechanics to the evolution of the cosmos has, over time, given birth to new technologies causing revolution in the society. This rapid change calls for creatively thinking and developing an intellectual attitude and temper. Maintaining this spirit the school of Computer Applications has launched BSc and MSc programs in Information Technology for students who want to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology trends.